Friday, May 07, 2010

3A Two-Eyed BADBOT - Beijing Exclusive

3A Popbot!

Above is the exclusive 3A BADBOT for the Beijing Event. I really like this guy. Paint application looks awesome. The twin revolvers are the best. I have still yet to figure out why some of Ashley's designs really resonate with me and some other not so much. In this case, pretty sure it's all about the guns.

For the rest of us that cannot make Beijing, Production versions of the Popbots will go on sale at Bambaland Store on May 27th at 6pm PST.

Info below from 3A Staff Gimbat at 3A Forum

What will be on sale? Two singles, 3AA 2pack and one 3pack.

All prices include worldwide shipping:

Popbot standard ( classic pop etc ): 150usd
Badbot standard ( black one eye etc ): 150usd
both include cuntish cat

Day one pop and Shōwa TK : 220usd

Popbot standard
Badbot standard
The ASCENDED Popbot (whitish etc): 360usd
(Popbot and Badbot are similar to the singles)

And Popbot is 14" tall and super articulated!

3A Popbot!

3A Popbot!

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