Monday, September 19, 2011

3A VOX: Bandai x 3A ZAKU Pre-Order in November...!!!

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We are very proud to announce that November will see the pre-order of the Bandai x 3A ZAKU, we will have all the details in an upcoming ZAKU VOX SPECIAL ! Damn..! Seriously good news. This 3A Zaku is every Gunplas dream come true..! Pre-Order in sight..! Wondering how many different colorways will be available. Might have to go big on this release.

3aku3 400x602

3aku2 400x601

3aku1 400x602

Get your REAL STEEL on.. A bit hard to get excited for a toy from a movie that's not even out yet.
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rs1 400x400

rs3 400x400

rs4 400x400

WWRp Action Portable TK Heavy
tkminiheavyi 400x599

tkminiheavy2i 400x576

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