Monday, September 26, 2011

The Tarantulas Nibbler Release This Friday...!!

Nibblers by RxH x Tarantulas

Nibblers by RxH x Tarantulas

'From a dingy arcane workshop in the depths of Fishtank Castle they came - Mechanibblers - unstoppable metallic munching machines with a singular will - that of the Nibbler himself !!'

On Fri 30th September The Tarantulas presents the online release of Real x Nibbler 'Mechanibbler' plus a new limited run of the original deco version...

( Real x Nibbler is a collaboration with Onell Design & Real x Head and is made in Japan by Real x Head - RHND! ) Cost £25 plus P&P

Plus - shipping in time for the holidays - a limited pre-order for Fishtank Castle Playset ( Fishtank Slime Edition )

( Made in the UK by Morpheus - Do not place in tank with live fish - Action Nibblers Sold Separately :) Cost £200 plus P&P Check the blog for time..

Nibblers by RxH x Tarantulas

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