Monday, September 19, 2011

Josh Barnett vs. Lucky Nakazawa....!!

man, this had all the potential for kaiju disaster since that booth is really, really small. But luckily for Lucky and everyone else, no toys were hurt in the making of this movie.

This took place at San Diego Comic-Con July 22, 2011 during a No Cage - No Time Limit - Table Barricade - Exploding C4 - Soft Vinyl - Spontaneous Human Street Fight - Hot Coffee Death Match. This video catches the fight already about 2 minutes in progress so you are missing the exploding c4 part but you can see the hot coffee of death at the 31 second mark rolling on the chair. Barnett got his neck and head melted all the way to the skull but his Heavy Metal style MMA allowed him to summon extra hit points and finish the fight via Figure Four Death Lock with Devil Horns. Barnett defeats Nakazawa.

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