Thursday, September 22, 2011

"MORAV: Missions" Live Action Series Pilot. Make it Happen..!

Help make this cool live action mech series happen...! Check out the Kickstarter HERE

MORAV: Missions Live Action Series ‘Pilot’

MORAV: Missions plunges you in to the middle of World War III with a giant robot crew and an embedded news correspondent as they fight for survival in a terrifying robotic war. MORAV examines the human condition under the most extreme life and death situations.

It's the story I always wanted to see in live action but it had never been done. One day I thought, why don't I just do it myself? I am strongly passionate about the idea. I also have the determination and experience to pull it off. After so many years in the motion picture industry helping others realize their creative visions, I should pursue my own dream. Now I have a chance to create this world with rich characters, drama, stunning visuals and giant battling robots.

MORAV has been in development for over five years with amazing progress. We are so very close; however, we need your help to take this project to the finish line. The objective here is not to lose momentum. Out-of-pocket spending has gotten us this far, but we need additional funding to complete the production.

We are shooting MORAV as a live action series with loads of miniatures and other traditional practical visual effects, doing as much in-camera as we can. If we reach our funding goal of $39,782, these funds will go towards the completion of the 1/6th scale giant robot miniature, the completion of the giant robot interior set, principal photography, miniature effects photography and post production editing and effects.

We are a highly motivated group of renegade professional FX filmmakers, artist and technicians who are passionate about making this happen. We are not only committed to completion, but also to a high standard of quality in story telling and visuals. Our goal, if funding is reached, is to complete a pilot episode of the MORAV: Missions live action series and take it to the next level. We need your help to get us there.

This is very much an independent production and we have no corporate funding; we are relying on the enthusiasm and generosity of our friends and fans to donate. It is essential to a project of this scope to have the dedicated support of our artists, filmmakers and you, our contributors.

Kickstarter has given us an opportunity to invite you in to share in the excitement of MORAV. If you would like to be a part of this incredible achievement, please help us launch MORAV: Missions and join the MORAV team. Become a part of the largest giant robot war in history! You won’t be disappointed. Please donate!

Thank you for stopping by.

Sincerely with gratitude,

Fon Davis and the entire MORAV Team

You can learn more about MORAV at and follow MORAV on facebook.

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