Thursday, July 15, 2010

Toy Tokyo Exclusves SDCC 2010...!

Toy Tokyo Exclusives SDCC 2010

Full mace crushing disclosure : the Mad Battle Plan! MIKE SUTFIN'S first vinyl figure the MAD BATTLE MAN premieres at SDCC with the exclusive 'DUSK' first colorway. Limited to 60 pieces, it will ONLY be available at the TOY TOKYO booth #5437(near G Entrance) starting Weds night July 21. Priced at $98, it will come packed in this cool black on black box with Mr. Sutfin's artistic rendering of sir MBM! Spiked ball madness!

Toy Tokyo Exclusives SDCC 2010

The masterminds behind 3A, Ash & Kim, decided to celebrate Toy Tokyo's 10th anniversary with this special WWRp Armstrong, just for SDCC 2010. You can see the 10Y (for 10 years) on the front as well as TT on the left arm shoulder joint, plus the Toy Tokyo logo on the back! Word is, that this is a very short run limited figure, and Toy Tokyo has decided to offer a majority of these special figures back to the 3A faithful! (which have already been offered and are spoken for). But, Toy Tokyo kept a few aside and will create a special lottery for 20 figures to be released in the Toy Tokyo anniversary 10's at SDCC. 10 will be offered on Thursday July 22 and 10 will be offered on friday July 23 for purchase, via a winning lottery number . Details of this lottery offering will be released on monday July 19. The WWRp ARMSTRONG will be priced at $79.00 (includes tax) and will be on display at booth 5437. Another powerful exclusive from Toy Tokyo!

Toy Tokyo Exclusives SDCC 2010

Like something straight out of 'THAT GIRL' (hair wise that is), this new creation between ERIC SO and YONE (Yasumasu Yonehara) brings together the sculpting and design prowess of Mr. SO, and those fun frolickling female photos, Mr. Yone is known for. HORNY GIRL is her name and soft vinyl is her game. Standing around 7" tall, this mass of smooth curves and brown vinyl hair will see her first USA appearance during SDCC at the Toy Tokyo booth #5437. Priced at $60.00 and limited to 20 pieces. A knockout Papamamason project by good friends from Hong Kong and Tokyo!

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