Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Lucky Nakazawa "Mixed Monster Arts" T-Shirt

LuckyNakazawa Mixed Monster Arts T-Shirt

Think you're badass? No way you're more badass than Kiyoshi Nakazawa. But if you buy his Lucky Nakazawa Top Team T-Shirt and wear it at SDCC 2010, he might not kick your ass.

Hi Guys,
I am making the latest and greatest batch of t-shirts with the new and improved Lucky Nakazawa Top Team logo. I realized that I don't have all my divisions filled to complete my competitive MMA Top Team, that's when I thought of you to fill the position of "Open Division Ass Kicker". If you can pre-order a MMA t-shirt now it would be greatly appreciated. All proceeds help sends the Lucky Nakazawa Top Team to the 2010 Monster Olympics. All shirts are green ink on black. Operators are standing by...

Just send $20. via Paypal to dmz777@gmail.com. Let me know your shirt size, girls or mens shirt, and mailing address. THANK YOU


LuckyNakazawa Mixed Monster Arts T-Shirt

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