Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kikaida actor Mr. Ban Daisuke to Appear at Anime Jungle in LA..!


oh, man. Blast of my childhood. If I could attend this, I totally would. Kikaida RULES...!!!!

via: The Good, The Bad, and Godzilla

Los Angeles' own Anime Jungle, purveyors of everything from anime to tokusatsu in Little Tokyo, is proud to be presenting two autograph sessions with Mr. Daisuke Ban, popular star of KIKAIDA, KIKAIDA 01, INAZUMAN and BATTLE FEVER J, for the upcoming 70th Annual "Nisei Week Japanese Festival". Back in the mid-1970s, the local broadcasts of KIKAIDA took Hawaii by storm, and the series was subsequently aired on Japanese language stations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other US cities. KIKAIDA made a strong return to Hawaii back in 2001, and is still going strong — even outside of the Islands — due to the successful release of the English subtitled DVDs produced by JN Productions and Generation Kikaida.

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