Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Mike Sutfin Mad Battle Man "Dusk" Full Reveal..!

Toybot_DuskFCW_Pic01 400x599

He's back! The MAD BATTLE MAN SDCC exclusive DUSK colorway production sample in all it's fiery glory. Mr. SUTFIN delivers with a beautiful array of red, orange and yellow hue tones that the factory have captured to near perfection. Got the burning sunset to stay still long enough to rip off a few shots. This is one hot figure!

Check out even more pics at Reckless Toys

Toybot_DuskFCW_Pic02 400x599

Toybot_DuskFCW_Pic03 400x599

Toybot_DuskFCW_Pic04 400x599

Toybot_DuskFCW_Pic05 400x599

Toybot_DuskFCW_Pic06 400x600

Toybot_DuskFCW_Pic07 400x599

Toybot_DuskFCW_Pic08 400x599

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