Thursday, July 01, 2010

Mike Sutfin Mad Battle Man "Dusk" Has Arrived

July1st back shot 400x599

DUSK has arrived. Here it is, the first production colorway sample as approved by MR. SUTFIN himself. Pinch me, first a white prototype and now this fire-toned beauty, here on these premises, glaring back at the tripod. It's either a orange hued dream or a nightmarish inferno. Amazing, simply AMAZING Hey....WAIT....the MAD BATTLE MAN is stomping away...where is he SDCC already? No!'s those exploding colors in the sky that have caught his brainless attention. What, he's dragging my camera too. Oh no, this is too embarrassing...SUTFIN is going to plunge that mace in my forehead now, for sure.

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