Friday, June 18, 2010

Upcoming Gargamel and Mongolion at Super 7

mongo_red 400x515

The Snakes of Infinity Army lurks patiently in the darkness, stalking closer and closer to their singular goal of global conquest. The wind carries hushed whispers of a strange and terrifying beast hiding in the shadows....

Available June 26th at the Super7 Store, Super Florida, and Mishka NYC.

gargamelnew 400x422

Time and time again, the wizards of Gargamel blow our minds with amazing toys. Never ones to break a streak, Gargamel stikes again with brand new versions of Tokoichi Seiju, Mini Deathra, and everybody's favorite cycloptic dinosaur, Zagoran, in pocket size.

Available June 19th, 11am Pacific at the Super7 Store and Distribution Outlets.

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