Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sci Fi Illustrations by Shigeru Komatsuzaki

komatsuzaki_7 400x262
komatsuzaki_6 400x218
komatsuzaki_9 400x185

via Pink Tentacle
Here is a collection of sci-fi illustrations by the prolific Shigeru Komatsuzaki (1915-2001), whose fantastic work appeared on plastic model kit boxes and in magazines and picture books in the 1960s to 1970s.

komatsuzaki_16 400x274

komatsuzaki_24 400x282

komatsuzaki_17 400x238

komatsuzaki_10 400x247

komatsuzaki_22 400x261

komatsuzaki_13 400x591

More pics after the jumpity jump

komatsuzaki_30 400x348

komatsuzaki_31 400x249

komatsuzaki_29 400x236

komatsuzaki_28 400x250

komatsuzaki_26 400x378

komatsuzaki_25 400x256

komatsuzaki_18 400x282

komatsuzaki_19 400x246

komatsuzaki_14 400x565

komatsuzaki_15 400x558

komatsuzaki_11 400x642

komatsuzaki_12 400x583

komatsuzaki_8 400x279

komatsuzaki_5 400x357

komatsuzaki_1 400x254

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