Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I Heart Judi Krant

James Choi, Judi Krant and Jackson Kuehn

Received this comment from indie Director Judi Krant on my post about her debut movie MADE IN CHINA. She's got a good eye for talent as she checked out our SDCC 2009 vid. Hollywood, here we come...!! Thanks Judi...!

Howdy Mr. Toybot!

Thanks for your kind words about Made in China. It IS fucking hilarious! Plus, we shot the film "under the radar" in China, so you get a nice little tour of mainland China through the eyes of a goofy toy inventor!

We're being released on IFC on Demand June 16th and in true indie spirit, we're doing all of our marketing guerilla style! Come see us on our Facebook page - we're gonna be bribing people to see our film with iPods and iPads!!! Woohoo!

Enjoyed your video from Comic Con banana.

Judi Krant
writer/director MADE IN CHNA

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