Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cat Shit One The Animated Series

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Cat Shit One 400x270

I could have sworn I posted a trailer of this series, but since it was so long ago (if I did), it deserves a re-post. Cat Shit One, The Animated Series. I like the concept: Metal Gear Solid meets Beatrix Potter.

via: Ain't it Cool
Director Kazuya Sasahara from Studio Anima has confirmed that the first episode of the CG series will be completed by August of this year. Currently, it is targeted for a Japanese release, with international plans yet to be formed. Scheduling for episode two is also still undecided.

Motofumi Kobayashi's original Cat Shit One manga was released in North America by ADV in North America as "Apocalypse Meow." It was a didactic history of the Vietnam war with the American soldiers depicted as rabbits (a pun, USA GI as in usagi, as in the Japanese word for rabbit) and Vietnamese as cats (Koreans as dogs, Japanese as chimps, Russians as bears, ect). Originally aimed at an audience with an interest at military matters, narrative was used to stage a look at the nature and history of the conflict.

The animated project looks to be inspired by Cat Shit One '80, though updated to reflect a post Cold War situation.


Nori Toy said...

This looks awesome.

krakit said...

The videos don't work
anymore. I found this
on on YouTube that still

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