Friday, June 04, 2010

Axis Powers take over 3A...!!

SS-Bertie_01 400x437

What would happen if Berties fought in WWII for the Axis Powers? Well, a couple of customizers on the 3A Discussion Board show us what they might look like.

Check out this SS-Waffen Bertie custom by DrMugg. It begs the question, What would happen if the Third Reich joined the war?

SS-Bertie_09 400x532

Custom Bertie T-Shirt Containers by Zippah17. I'm digging this as well.
0522001819 400x533

0524001913a 400x533

SS-Bertie_15x 400x549

SS-Bertie_09x 400x531

SS-Bertie_13 400x347

SS-Bertie_15 400x566

0524001913 400x533

0524001546 400x299

0524001543 400x533

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