Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Onell Design x RealxHead Scar Pheyden Standard Mini

RXHScarPheydenSTWEB 400x447

From Onell Design Blog:
In some special news, something very cool arrived from RXH Japan today.... the Scar Pheyden Standard Mini shipment! Mori really brought it all together on this little guy. The new spray masks on the head and subtle wipe on the body are topped off by a fabric scarf that echoes the Dimension Drifters! One very interesting aspect of the gray used for the body is that it is laced with a sparkle that shines brightly in the sunlight but is almost unnoticeable in indoor light. There is no extra head with this one, as that was only for the first release. Planning on unleashing these little guys early next week. Numbers are limited as always. The price will be $35 USD. More details this week.

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