Monday, June 07, 2010

Secret Base x Balzac x Shocker Worldwide: Skullhead Eye Ball

balzacskullhead 400x564

Shocker WorldWide Special Color. 1/1 Skull Head: Special Balzac Edition.

Available in 3 Shocking versions:

1 - Normal Black Skull with Eyeball
2 - Black Skull with Eyeball + Bloody Red Death Splatter (Hiddy "Handpaint") ***SxWxW EXCLUSIVE COLOR
3 - Black Skull with Eyeball + Gory Green Splatter (Hiddy "Handpaint") ***SxWxW EXCLUSIVE COLOR

You can choose the version(s) you want when you pre-order.
They will be $99.99 + plus shipping. Pre-Order now from Shocker WorldWide Webshop

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