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Journey of the Stone Walker by Bob Conge

Bob Conge

Bob Conge has this new figure lined up for New York Comic Con this weekend. I have to say that this is my favorite piece that Bob has done. I love the colors, the simplicity of the design...just beautiful. I also love that Bob always has some kind of background story to go with his pieces. What's a character without a back story?

Bob Conge

Bob Conge

Journey Of The Stone Walker
Copyright Bob Conge 2009

Our story begins some fifteen thousand years ago with a small band of Siberian hunters crossing the Bearing Sea ice bridge and slowly making their way south over the glaciers of the last North American Ice Age. It is a treacherous journey with week long storms of furious white driven by fierce and frozen winds. In the fury of one blinding storm, the leader of this clan looses his footing and falls into the black void of a half mile deep crevice.

The group continued south and their decedents eventually became the Anasazi people ( ancient ones ) who populated what is now the South West of the United States from 100 AD thru the end of the 13th century.

In the year 1678 a Hopi medicine man ventured north from his village on a vision quest to seek the wisdom of his ancestors, the Anasazi. His journey took him far from his home to a deep cave in the terminal moraine of the last glacial age near the Canadian border. On the tenth night, the flame of his fire caught a reflection from something high above him in the cold black of the cave. As the medicine man moved closer with a lighted piece of hickory, he saw in the cave wall what seemed to be a giant man made of stone with moist shiny eyes. It was in fact the stone covered body of his ancestor, who had fallen into the crevice of the ice sheet fifteen thousand years before. The medicine man used his many skills to summon the flicker of life he saw in the creatures eyes to fill his massive stone frame and free him from the frozen wall.

He returned to his village with the impregnable Stone Walker, who in 1696 led the Pueblo peoples revolt to expel the Spanish from the region. Some Hopi say they still see the great stone warrior guarding the moonlit flats below the cliffs of First Mesa.

And heres the story of the story:

The story and 8" sculpt was inspired by the land I am fortunate to live on in Upstate New York. Though good soil is not abundant, nothing grows well here but potatoes, the land however is rich in geologic history. I live on top of the remnants of a terminal moraine left by the last North American Ice Age. At 2000 feet it is a rolling landscape of green covered rock and gravel pushed down from the far north dotted with beautiful lakes carved and filled by the retreating ice sheet ten thousand years ago.

This past Summer, on my daily walk, I saw the foreign stones as the raw material with which I might create a new Kaiju / story and the Stone Walker was born.

PLASEEBO will debut the prototype of a new figure at the 2009 NYCC next week, the "STONE WALKER", from their "Great American Kaiju" series. You can see the Plaseebo figures at the Go Hero booth #956 February 6 thru 8, 2009

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