Thursday, February 26, 2009

KAWS on CBS News including 4 Seconds of toybot studios Video!!

So my big break has come and gone in literally a second. Excited about national exposure when I was contacted by the producer of this CBS News story on KAWS a couple of months ago, my bubble has slightly deflated. Supposedly Kaws saw the video we did in Tokyo showing the line for the Kaws Stormtrooper and told the CBS Producer about it. It was a crazy line indeed. Sadly, the clip only lasted a mere 4 second (4:47-4:51), but at least they put it in. I was also hoping he would put my photography in the clip as well, but no such luck. Oh well... Thanks anyways John!

Here's the original footage...

Kaws Stormtrooper Release Tokyo from toybot studios on Vimeo.

Sadly no love for this picture...

IMG_4722 400x599

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