Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Toys I Like

evil123524737049a0610a2f8bb 400x533

Quick post on a smattering of newish toys I like. New Kabuki Evil above by RealxHead. I really like the face. The colors are garish and over the top, but that's ok with me. Rumor is that there will be a complete set of RxH figures in the "Kabuki" style. I say sweet!

Cometdebris is doing a fan-favorite colorway just for you! Apparently clear pink is the clear winner. There will be a bit of paint. Offered first to his mailing list so sign up!

R0014516 400x299

These Kozik Bigazzalon and Belchor are painted so beautifully, it makes one think if Frank even painted them. If so, this could be some of his best work yet. I don't see any Anarchy signs or blood splatter so i'm not convinced.

3footersgp7 400x590

We missed this little guy. Gargamel clear pink mini crouching zag. Released only in Japan? Oh, well. We like him here too.

c715_1 400x532

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