Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cris Rose Gummy Bear Runcible!!

Cris Rose Gummy Bear Runcible

I discovered artist, toy customizer and toy maker Cris Rose on Andy's ToysREvil. I was instantly smitten with his crazy mech designs with the beautiful clear resin vacuum tube heads filled with all manner of natural objects like leaves, flowers, called Runcibles. He did this one battle damaged black version with a bullet inside that I really wanted, but it was already sold. So I asked Cris to do a commission. Since he wouldn't do another Runcible with a bullet inside, I tried to get him to do one with a small die-cast robot. He didn't think it would work that great with air bubbles and all that so I finally was able to convince him to do one with Gummy Bears inside. He wasn't sure if it would work, but it turned out beautifully! Thanks Cris! Looking forward to buying more of your toys in the near future!

Cris Rose Gummy Bear Runcible

Cris Rose Gummy Bear Runcible

Cris Rose Gummy Bear Runcible

Cris Rose Gummy Bear Runcible

IMG_4173 400x599

IMG_4174 400x599

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[rich] said...

Nice work :-)

SpankyStokes said...

Awesome!!! Nice commission, Cris is one cool dude, and you are super lucky to have this...envious! ;-)

toybot studios said...

thanks John.

Cris is super cool dude. I won't more of his stuff. feel free to post pics on spankystokes...!

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