Monday, February 02, 2009

Ralph Cosentino Wicket and Chewbacca e-card!!

Wicket & Chewbacca Animatic from ralph cosentino on Vimeo.

Ralph Cosentino is a super nice guy, avid toy collector, toy designer, illustrator, animator, you name it! So when he showed me his latest project which is doing an Star Wars e-card for Hallmark, I was impressed. Beautiful in simple, stylized, kiddy way, it's pretty funny too.

The Star Wars Wicket and Chewie animation / e-card I had been working on late last year is finally up and posted on Hallmarks site. If I had a little more time I would have liked to have added a few more sound effects however, I think it turned out pretty good. Wicket and Chewie were a blast to work on and I was super excited that Lucas liked the designs and approved them along with the initial animatic I did below. The story, art, directing and key frame poses/animation were done by me based on my animatic, all in vector with a few raster files for texture. A big thanks to my pal Will Sanchez for doing the in between animation and really plusing it all up, Will’s a jedi animator! I’m hoping I can do more of these e-cards with a variety of characters from the Star Wars universe. I have a bunch of ideas brewing so I know the force is with me! LOL!

Click the Ewok below to see the final e-card!

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