Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lost Jade Mongolion Idol Found!!!



San Francisco, CA. Thought to be lost in the tomb of Ghengis Khan, the Jade Mongolion Idol was recently discovered. It is believed to have magical powers and it is said that anyone that possesses it will wield the strength of the mighty Ghengis Khan army. It was recently discovered by the famous archeologist Alexander Banned in a remote cave somewhere in the Khentii Mountains in Mongolia earlier this year. This rare artifact is currently on display under glass and heavy security at Super7 in San Francisco, CALIF.


This Jade version is a test pull. Unknown as to whether or not it will go into production. You can bet the demand will be there. There is so much detail on this figure, that unfortunately it tends to get a bit lost on clear or semi clear vinyl. I think a nice rub on clear vinyl would be killer....

In other news, check out the new Gargamel sculp in their suspended silver flake vinyl. It even comes with an extra Zag head!


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