Monday, September 04, 2006

New Pics of SIC Takumi Damashii SP and SIC Hero Saga Vol.1!!!


A couple of months ago, I posted this sneak peek on SIC Takumi Damashii SP. The only thing I could find were these black and white sketches of the figures. Thanks to Skullbrain buddy Shibby who apparently reads Thai, we have new pics of what this upcoming set will look like!!! I already pre-ordered this set a looooonnnnggg time ago even before I knew what it was going really look like. All I needed to know was that it was a new SIC Takumi Damashii set and three different colored Hakaiders with motorcyles. That's it!!! No thinking required!! Now that I see the set in it's full color glory, i'm happy to report that I made the right choice! The blue set is almost worth the price of admission alone. c'mon, that's awesome!


I also noticed on this very informative Thai toy blog that Bandai is going to be releasing some very interesting dioramas. They look to be called SIC Hero Saga and Vol.1 will include some KKK looking dudes complete with white gowns and pointy hats doing some nasty business to our Masked Rider. Ouch! That's does not look like a Shiatsu massage going on there! From the looks of things, very detailed as you would expect from SIC, but i'm a little unclear as to the scale. How big is this set? From the pics, it looks like 50cm wide and 50cm tall. That's almost 20 inches! That would mean that the figures are the 6" SIC figures! That's a damn big diorama! Shit, who has that kind of space?? hmmmmmmmm, not to say that I don't like it, I just wish it would be the same scale as the mini figures. That would have been totally cool.




Thanks Shibby for the post! Check out the original Skullbrain thread with link to the Thai toy blog with more SIC pics!!!

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