Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Franken Monkey Mini Figures Preview!!!


The new Franken Monkey Resin Figures will be here soon.

Out on his own and ready to explore. Our curious little friend escaped from the lab just in the nick of time...or did he? This little guy comes to you straight from the lab at Atomic Monkey Each piece is 3.5 inches tall and was designed and sculpted by the mad scientists at the Monkey. Limited to 500 Brown, 400 Mint Green, 300 Black, and 300 Magenta.

Retail $15 each

Check out the preview images below for the 7" vinyls with removable brains and GID eyes.

I like the black one above. Size is right at 3.5 inches, but for $15 buckaroos each? hmmmmm, a liiiittttle steep if you ask me. What's up with the 3rd eye? The 7" version with the cut out brains (for eating) and the GID eyeballs looks pretty cool.





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