Sunday, September 24, 2006

toybot studios BlobPus and Gargamel Gallery


I've been collecting a shit load of Japanese vinyl lately. It's very addictive and very expensive. I haven't been able to post as much cause a. I'm always on the look out for more Japanese vinyl and b. i'm now working the graveyard shift at Wendy's to pay for all these toys! My toy photography has also suffered as there are literally about 100 toys that I would like to shoot, but alas, not enough time and too many burgers to flip! I was able to sneak away from the drive-through and take these test shots of some toys recently purchased. The first octopus looking thing is called a 4" tall Blobpus. I was never into kaiju or monsters before so I'm not sure what is going on here, but I love these things now! This Blobpus is a clear purple vinyl version that is pretty hard to find. You don't want to know how much I shelled out for this piece of vinyl. fuck me.







This next guy is a 4" tall clear blue Desura from Gargamel. San Diego Comic Con exclusive and one of my all time favorite figures. I love the design, but what I love even more is the translucent blue vinyl. It looks like it should be candy from Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory or something! At $35 at SDDC, this is a very reasonable toy. This first pic, I pumped up the blue in Photoshop...

Desura_Photoshop copy2








The next guy is from Gargamel again. He came in a set called Smoking Corps which is a play on words i'm sure. We need to get Frank Kozik to do some kind of custom which has one of the Smoking Corps figures with a giant cigarette in his mouth! One of the other figures not pictured here is actually a giant cigarette!




Finally, this last clear orange and black guy is Camguts from Sunguts. It's an exclusive Super 7 figure that was managed by Isaac over at Skullbrain. He's a mini hero only about 4" tall but goes very well with all the other ecletic mix of action figures and growing vinyl army!





Anonymous said...

Ah, the pain of the high-end collector.

I was sorely tempted by that Camguts- I saw it on sale on the Super 7 website that morning.

The Gargamel stuff is really keen, though. The Desura reminds me of this old Ghostbusters toy that I had as a kid. But I really want one of the Gachamecha. :D

Good stuff, as always.

toybot studios said...


yeah, the Camguts is pretty cool. I think only 50 were produced for Super7. I like the clear orange vinyl. They sold out very quickly. should have pulled the trigger!

Gargamel is the tits. I love their stuff. Desura is one of my favs and I also have four of the Gachamecha. I wish they would do more Gachamechas in different clear colors.

Definitely try to pick up the Skullbrain 2 pack going on sale at S7 this Saturday.

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