Friday, September 15, 2006

More Pics of Votoms Strikedog from Max Factory


I wanted to include these pics in my earlier post, but I got too impatient and couldn't wait. Tamim from Twin Moons Anime was gracious enough to send me these absolutely gorgeous pics which were taken and sent out by Max Factory. If you haven't been over to Twin Moons Anime, I highly suggest that you check it out. It's probably one of the trickest Japanese online stores on the web! I first discovered and wrote about Twin Moons earlier this year when I purchased a set of Evangelion Figurines of Rei and Asuka in Special Forces Outfits. To re-cap, Twin Moons holds a bevy of slick technology to keep even the most jaded online surfer piqued! A couple of standouts for me include the ability to hover over a pre-order item description and have a pop-up window show you a picture! No clicking to a new page! The second would be the ability to zoom in and out of a picture to see details of the figures...quality up close! In the case of Twin Moons which specializes in scantily clad anime heroines and villainesses armed with swords, big guns and large...chest armor, you can bet many hardcore collectors use the zoom feature quite often (probably with only one Otaku hand!)

anyyyyyyywaaaaaaaaaaays, not only is Twin Moons a trick site, Tamim offers some of the best service in the business! Rapid shipping, quick response, huge discounts for toy bloggers...etc, etc. Tamim also updates the site quite regularly with new items and pre-orders. This is key. Nothing is worse than a stale online store. So check Twin Moons Anime out and pre-order this Strikedog below. You won't regret it!!







Anonymous said...

I think that is actually the 1/35 Max Factory Scopedog, not the Takara version. But great pics, nevertheless =)

toybot studios said...

whoops! I stand corrected! Thank you Domu!

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