Thursday, September 28, 2006

Megahouse Perfect Piece Tachikoma Action Figure Preview!!!


Earlier this year, I got all excited because Bandai released what looked like a very cool Tachikoma action figure from Ghost in the Shell. Unfortunately, it was a kit. I complained to the toy gods and apparently Megahouse has decided to listen by releasing this completely painted "action figure" of the Tachikoma tank from the GiTS "Stand Alone Complex" series. It doesn't come cheap or early either. It's gonna bust you $85 before shipping and won't arrive until February. No matter, i've pre-ordered it anyways. I'm a sucker for tanks from Ghost in the Shell. I like how the cockpit doors open up. Hopefully we will see some details inside. I'm also hoping for a small Maj. Motoko figure to go along with it! Although i'm partial to the original Fuchikoma tanks and own the complete set of Fuchikoma cold-cast resin statues shown here in an earlier post,how can you deny Shirow Masamune's incredible mecha designs when presented in a convenient no muss, no fuss package with such gorgeous metallic blue paint!!?? You Can't, so you might as well just pre-order one too from Hobby Link Japan


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