Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sneak Peek at Gundam Ultimate Operation Plus 5!!!


Flickr buddy and Gundam UO fanatic namenicht snuck a picture of the upcoming Gundam Ultimate Operation Plus 5 set coming out in September from Hong Kong's Toys Daily. Apparently a set was on display at one of the Japanese Hobby Shows recently. The red guy looks like the winner and the one that will define this series: Gerbera!! One of my favorite Fix Figurations! Looks pretty good in the UO form as well. Also shown below is a very interesting translucent versions of your favorite Gundam Mechas. From the tags, they look to come in both the HG 1/144 scale as well as MG 1/100 scale. Meh! I'm too lazy to put together kits anymore. Give me translucent action figures! Actually, I do remember an MSiA version that was clear...But the orange Zaku?? C'mon, that's cool!






Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I've heard a lot of people on ToysDaily complaining about the quality of the FWUO Plus 5 set.

Not that it matters. I've bought one anyway, because I must have the two Jagd Dogas and Gerbera.

So, are you picking one up?

toybot studios said...

really? I mean how much different in quality could they be from FWUO Plus 4???

I've pre-ordered two cases so we will have to see. I agree with you, the Jags and Gerbera are the top draws.

Please report back when you get your set. I'm interested to hear if what they are saying is true.

Anonymous said...

Ok, my case of FWUO Plus 5 came in today.

The case pack is as follows:
AGX-04 Gerbera x 2
GP03S Stamen x 2
Re-GZ x 2
Jagd Doga (Gyunei) x 1
Jagd Doga (Quess) x 1

Eh, don't listen to those guys on ToysDaily. They look fine- on par with the other figures from FWUO, at least. The only exception might be the Gerbera, which was given glossy red paint (rather than the usual matte finish), but it's still a nice figure nonetheless. Hope you enjoy your sets, too.

toybot studios said...

thanks akum6n!

I saw pics of the Gerbera on Flickr and the glossy red does put me off a bit, but whatever. If you say it still looks cool...

I just a box of older FWUO figures from the first series. I got FWUO 8 and 10 sets. Mainly for the Kaempfer. I'll be putting up many of them on eBay. Let me know if you guys are interested and I'll give you first crack.

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