Thursday, September 28, 2006

Votoms Blue Knight Berserga #2 Trading Figures Preview!!!


I spend a lot of time online searching for Japanese toys. Every once in a while you see something that catches your eye. It's that moment when you see the picture,and immediately click to get a better look. Something must be in the air, cause i've had a number of these moments this week. Since i've been so focused on Japanese Vinyl recently, I haven't made the rounds to Hobby Link Japan in while. The first gasp was when I saw this set of Votoms Blue Knight Berserga #2 Trading figures from Kotobukiya. For those of you new to toybot studios, you probably missed my photo gallery which was a "Lucky Find" post for the first series of these amazing Votoms Trading figures. To check out the first set, Click Here! The first set has to be one of my all-time favorite mini figures sets! Unbelievably detailed in sculp and paint! Just amazing! So when I saw Kotobukiya is releasing a 2nd set due out this December, I let out a gasp, clicked on the picture and let out another gasp because as you can see, the figures are awesome! Without hesitation, I clicked on PRE-ORDER!! You can too for around $62 before shipping from our buds at Hobby Link Japan




Anonymous said...

I think you have me confused with someone else...maybe another person goes by "ji". sorry.
But hey, I ordered the blue knight gashapon set. I've done business with Anime King too. good guy. I got them for $32 inclusive of shipping cost!
the second set looks great. I just hope this first set kicks. I stayed away from gashapon because I wasn't sure about what I was getting, but these look damn good. Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I got them....they're very neat; good detail, solid feel, nice paint apps. I think I'll pick up the second set, but at a discounted price like the one I got. I paid roughly $5 each in this set--though they are nice, I wouldn't pay more for them. Nice set though! Don't regret at all.


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