Monday, November 07, 2005

What's On Your Desktop?

I always thought it was interesting when gadget blogs like Engadget or Gizmodo would ask people (usually celebrities) what they have in their bag or on their desktop. Joel, from Engadget even has this contest where he takes a picture of his desktop and if you can identify all of the gadgets, you win a cool gadget prize. Sadly, this post is not a contest and there are no prizes. I just thought it would be cool to take a picture of my desktop so you guys could see the environment I work in. As you know, it all starts with one desktop mascot and then, like eating potato chips, you can't stop collecting more.

What the hell, let's see if you can identify all of the toys, action figures and gadgets on my desk. First prize will be a one of the new Armored Core Trading Figures, Series 3. Deadline will be this Friday, November 11th at 6pm PDT. If I can identify everything, answers will be posted the following monday. Click on the picture below for a slightly larger view.

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