Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Max Factory Gohkin Go Danner Die Cast

Pre-Order the latest high-end die-cast robot from Hobby Link Japan:

"All the information we have about this superbly poseable die-cast action figure is making us delirious! Of course it's a fabulous robot in and of itself; and having it come from Max Factory just sweetens the deal. The model will measure 20.5cm, weigh 476 grams, and will have custom designed joints to enable it to take on any pose it struck in the anime! 5 spare sets of hands, one enormous sword (44 cm long!) clear parts for the head, and even a display base will be included"

A steep $150 for all this yummy metal goodness and you have to wait until February to get it. Make a good Valentines Day Gift for your loved one? You bet!

Get it from our buddies at Hobby Link Japan

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