Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Super Robot Wars Die-cast Figure Coming!!!

I first read about this next tidbit from another cool site called Gunmecha Gantry. It's a news site of sorts for all thing MECHA!! From their website:

"Gunmecha Gantry currently serves as a mecha news and link center. This will expand to include a mecha background universe for an PC RPG (Role Playing Game) I'm working on in my incredibly spare time. Once enough of the game is playable in demo form I will release it to the public along with the Gunmecha universe background. In the meantime, I post news items from around the world, keep an eye on the local mecha scene in America, and prepare to release my first playable game. I've had a passion for Japanese animation since I was 3, and this is a small culmination of what I've had running through my gears. Look around, enjoy the machines, and keep an eye out something special".

If you're into mecha, then you owe it to yourself to check out this site!

Back to Super Robot Wars...Sounds like Unifive is going to be releasing a high-quality die-cast figure of the robot Alteisen shown here. The pictures shown are actually of the Kotobukiya model kit, but like Gunmecha, I don't have the time (nor patience, nor talent) to build models the way that I would like. Luckily for me, the die-cast version is due out in March for around $115. Pictures courtesy of a pretty good toy photographer in Japan named Syurabayashi.

I think I want one.

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