Monday, November 28, 2005

Evangelion "XX" Series Angel-Girls Coming!!

For all of you horny and perverted Evangelion fans out there that can't get enough teenage Rei and Asuka figures, Wave is coming out with it's "highly anticipated" XX Series Angel Girl figures. For those of you familar with the series, you will undoubtably recognize these figures, yet be somewhat confused at the same time. The "Angels" from Evangelion were alien-monsters of some kind that the good guys (Rei and Asuka) had to fight and kill with their EVA Robot/mecha/alien things. So to see Wave come out with figures showing hot, cutey girl versions of these monsters is creative, fresh and no doubt pleasing to all the perverted Evangelion fans out there. Yours truly included, of course.

Picture here are the normal and hottie versions of the Sachiel and Zeruel side by side so you can see what the original Angels from the anime looked like . Also coming out are versions of Tabris and Lilith. When you compare them side by side, it's hard to imagine how they got these babe-a-licious figures out of these grotesque "Angels".

They are coming out in January - too late for Christmas, but at around $21 each, not including overseas shipping, they make a fine New Year's gift. Pre-order them from yes, our buds at HobbyLink Japan. I'm liking the rei version of Lilith below!


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I want a toy, of this, specially one of asuka, oh my look the design of this toys the Rei with wings and the angels, just I wait a few time to buy one of them.

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I was looking for this toys, the best of all it, is the one with Rei figure, but looking like Lilith, the strange is the one that look like Kaworu.

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