Saturday, November 19, 2005

Armored Core Series 3 Trading Figures Debacle

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about making moolah with mini figures. Without re-writing the entire post, the gist is that you buy cases of these mini figures, open them up, assemble a full set, and sell them at ridiculously inflated prices on eBay to lazy collectors. The last part is what I have been doing on the first two Armored Core Trading figures series. So when the third series was released, I thought I would get smart and try to go into a little biz-ness myself. What follows is the sad, but true tale of trying to make moolah selling mini figures.

Long story...short. I received my case of mini figures straight from Hobby Link Japan with great anticipation. I opened each of the little boxes trying to be very careful as I would end up re-selling them on eBay making a ton of money and having my choice of the figures I wanted to keep for free! Well, what I didn't realize is that you need more than one case to make this whole scheme work out.

In this Armored Core Series, there are five different models that come in at least three different colors. To assemble the entire set in each color would require a total of 15 different figures. Seeing that you only get 12 in a case, the likelihood of pulling this off is quite remote. Worse, this doesn't account for duplicates. So as I opened each box, not only was I not able to complete a set in each color, I couldn't even complete one set in ANY color. In fact, I believe I was lucky to be able to complete any set in any color. Which is exactly what I have, a motley crue of mis-matched mecha in a multitude of colors! ack! The rest are duplicate mecha! ugh!

The worst part about it is that i'm now too dis-illusioned and lazy to even try and sell them on eBay. So what I have done is spent $100 on a mismatched set with a lot of duplicates lying around. I think it's best to leave this eBay mini-figures business to the professionals!

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