Monday, November 28, 2005

Stocking Stuffer: Panda-Z Robo Animal

I'm a little late to Mega House's Panda-Z craze, but it's catching on like a bad cold in a nursery school. It all started when "Go Devilman Nagai" produced these hilarious little creatures with this little cute Sanrio-style panda piloting a Sanrio-style Mazinger-look-a-like robot. Very cute in all its sugary mecha. I didn't think too much of the original Panda-Z, but then they came out with these other characters like HamuGear which is a hamster piloting a giant robot hamster or Black Hamu which is a more sinister black Hamster, I got hooked!

I just ordered both Hamster mecha's from Atamaii's online store which should be here in time for my daughter's stocking stuffing! $19.95 for the grey HamuGear and $39.95 for the cooler, but more evil Black HamGear.

The cool picture above left from Flickr buddy Peppered is who I can blame for making me want to go out and buy these stupid figures in the first place. See what great photography makes you do?

I kinda like the Red Metallic Panda-Z version from Hobby Link Japan which goes for $32 without overseas shipping. The cool and subtle silver Panda-Z is also attractive and $32 without overseas shipping from Hobby Link Japan.

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