Thursday, November 17, 2005

In Search of the Elusive Metal Gear Solid 3 Kubrick

Earlier this year, Konami released a super exclusive DVD strategy guide. Description From Gamespot:

TOKYO-- Konami Computer Entertainment Japan has announced that it will release an official DVD strategy guide for Metal Gear Solid 3, entitled Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Official DVD: The Extreme Box. The four-disc set includes three discs featuring various game strategies and items, and one disc with commentary from director Hideo Kojima and his developers.
The DVD set comes in a package resembling a cardboard box, one of Metal Gear Solid's hallmarks. What's more, the set comes with a booklet that unravels the Metal Gear Solid trilogy, and it includes a special Kubrick action figure of Snake in his alligator cap. Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Official DVD: The Extreme Box will be released March 29 in Japan for 8,820 yen ($85). Details on the DVDs are as follows:

DVD 1: Super game play, featuring the highest ranking, earned in extreme mode.
DVD 2: Various gags and hidden features, plus modes for no-kills gameplay or all Kerotan Frogs. DVD 3: Miscellaneous features and gameplay.
DVD 4: Audio commentary by Hideo Kojima and his developers.

All the other stuff is cool, but I'm interested in the Snake Eater Kubrick figure with the alligator cap!! I have seen this elusive figure before, but this picture above from flickr buddy thezephyrsong_tzs really made me want to go out and get one. Luckily he doesn't speak or read english, so if he sees I've stolen his photography for my own selfish purposes, hopefully his hate mail will come across as "cute". BTW, this awesome photo was captured with a trailer-trash Polaroid camera! How cool is that?

So I went on eBay looking for this damn Kubrick and almost dropped to the floor when I saw the first one for $180!! That's one hundred and eighty dollars!!! Remember these Lego-look-alikes are generally $10 each retail. This particular one was Snake in his olive drab uniform and given out as gifts at the MGS3 launch party. Very, very rare.

The other version described above is more common, but only one guy was selling it and it didn't even come with all the DVD's above for $78 not including shipping. Remember the whole package only cost around $85! Bastard is trying to make all his money back!

All I know is I want one BAD!! However the cheap-ass chinaman in me will not allow such a foolish purchase. $78 for a Kubrick??!!. Nope, not gonna happen. I might send this guy in Japan an email asking if he would let it go for $50! It would make a nice addition to my other Snake Kubricks. I believe I would have all four versions! If you guys know of anybody that wants to unload theirs or perhaps even a trade, send me a note.

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