Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Trifecta of Getter Chogokin Robots Just in Time For the Holidays!

Getter G Robots (Dragon, Liger and Poseidon) really bring me back to my childhood. Waaaaay back in the day when I was just a pup, I stole eraser versions of these robots from a cheap tourist store in LA's Chinatown. I made these cool vehicles out of legos for them to ride around in, but my mom caught me and took them away. I was scarred for life as i'm now contemplating spending $200 to get these awesome die-cast Soul of Chogokin versions. I can't even get them for Christmas as my wife just told me I spent all my Christmas money on recent toy purchases (two Fix Figuration figures and a case of Armored Core mini figures). Good thing she hasn't seen the latest credit card bill or I might be out of luck for my birthday too (Two RoboAnimal figures - Hamugear and Black Ham Gear and rare SIC vol. 12 Hakaider and motorcycle).

Anyways, in true Soul of Chogokin fashion, these die-cast heavy-weights are worth their weight in gold. They come with lots of accessories as you can see and even feature their support vehicles. Feel free to buy them for my daughter for Christmas!

Around $50 each not including overseas shipping from Hobby Link Japan:

Get Getter Dragon
Get Getter Liger
Get Getter Poseidon

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