Monday, June 04, 2012

Shooting Knives with a Slingshot.

ok, this is one of the most insane slingshots featured by Jorg. Reason being is that it launches throwing knives at a frigtening velocity like a bullet.

We have been shooting quite a bit of crazy ammo here at The Slingshot Channel. But there are still a few challenges left. One of these much asked for weapons is a slingshot crossbow that can shoot pointy, dangerous throwing knives with force.

Now a throwing knife isn't very well suited for beeing fired from a crossbow. The bottom heavy knives are supposed to spin around in the throw, which requires a ton of practice. But to be shot straight from a crossbow requires a specifically designed guiding system.

The simple, but effective weapon presented in this video uses four flat aluminum rods as guides for the knife, which works quite well. Three layers of Thera Band Gold drive the blades far faster than any human beeing could throw them - and with serious accuracy.

As a bonus, the second "Zodiac sign" prize slingshot is presented, made from two different types of wood, and featuring twin forks.

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