Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Your Film Festival - YouTube

After a young boy finds a magical device, in the most innocent of circumstances, he can control and change the world around him. Unbound by rules, he runs, jumps, and explores with new found freedom! Will he be lost in this parallel paradise forever? Or will love show him the way?

I posted up a short film yesterday titled "88.88". It's one of the semi- finalists in the "Your Film Festival" sponsored by YouTube. Here are a couple more. There are 50 Semi-Finalists. Check them out and vote for your favorites. They are quite good.

Lord Broadforce is showing off his collection methods of rare Venusian wildlife - all guns blazing! This sci-fi adventure on Venus is based on the world of Dr Grordbort by Greg Broadmore.

Hoovy Nash is an aging gunslinger turned debt collector for the bank in Oklahoma during the 1930s Depression. Hoovy collects debts from starving farmers using any means possible. When a collection goes awry a little girl is left orphaned, Hoovy sets out to try to help her. Saving this girl could be his way into heaven, or it might just be his ticket straight to hell.

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