Thursday, June 07, 2012

Outer Space Men Wave 5 Alpha Phase Pre-Order...!!

Outer Space Men Wave 5 Alpha Phase

This release features the following Outer Space Men:

GEMINI - He'll be cast in a clear yellow plastic with purple painted eyes and clear green ABS plastic accessories and helmets. Hidden behind each of the little green ABS buttons on his chest and back are Glyos sockets so you can build and re-design him to your hearts content! He'll also include a second set of arms, which are not pictured in the image below.

ORBITRON - He'll be cast in a clear pink plastic with blue painted eyes and chest dome. His accessories will be clear green ABS plastic. He also has a secret hidden feature which we're going to reveal sometime next week!

CYCLOPS - Our very first "deluxe" Outer Space Man, not only is he massive compared to the other Outer Space Men, but he comes decked out with lots of goodies! He'll be cast in a clear light blue plastic and his accessories and outer helmet will be clear green ABS plastic. His chest/back armor and inner helmet are fully removable so you can create a completely different look for the character. He also features another set of "open" hands which aren't shown in the image below.

Each figure will come in individual bags with card toppers and card-backs inserted into each bag. The cost will be $50.00 per set of all three figures (plus shipping & handling charges).

Pre-Order now at Store Horsemen

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