Thursday, May 17, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse Experience in a UK Shopping Mall


Want to experience the Zombie Apocalypse just like "Dawn of the Dead" Well you're in luck cause there are these nut cases in the UK that will deliver the entire experience for around $200. Check it out HERE. When is this coming to the States?

First, 15 fighters are equipped with Airsoft guns and trained on zombie combat. Then they are let loose into adrenaline-inducing horror. There are two parts of the battle: the first involves running for your life from droves of zombies and the second involves video-game like scenarios where you carry out a mission. The story unfolds as players battle zombies– meaning every move could be your last.


Anonymous said...

There's actually a similar Walking Dead event for SDCC this year.

toybot studios said...

awesome. thank you. might have to check this out.

toybot studios said...

hmmm... just looked at this. not so much as Zombie killing as Zombie escaping. thus the name I guess... I want to KILL zombies, not just run away from them

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