Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rayguns & Robots at Ltd. Art Gallery June 16th

Rayguns and Robots Poster


a Tribute to Classic Science Fiction: presented by Ltd. Art Gallery, with guest curator Chris Jackson

Opening Reception Saturday June 16th 7pm on Display until July 22nd

FEATURING: Jonathan Bergeron, Lorelay Bove, Neysa Bove, Chris Brett, Mike Capp, Mark Covell, Serban Cristescu, Shawn Dickinson, Joshua Ellingson, Michael Flemming, Matthew Forsythe, Ken Garduno, Kim Gordon, Christiphoer Guitierrez, Justin Hillgrove, Samule Ho "Sho", Jane Kenoyer, Ken Keirns, Darren Legallo, Patrick Maxcy, Jeff McMillan, Mikeatron, Melissa Monosmith, Tomi Monstre, Naomi Nowak, Augie Pagan, Tyler Parker, Devi Pellerin, Chet Phillips, Tristan Reidford, Eric Richardson, Wade Schin, Clarke Snyder, Nathan Spoor, Andrew Taylor, Mark Walker, Jayson Weidel, N.C. Winters, Wednesday Wolf, Chandler Wood

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