Monday, May 21, 2012

I Am The Fourth x L'amour Supreme x MISHKA x adFunture Kaiju Bootleg Header Card

Bootleg_Galactus_header front

wow, check out this amazing header card by I Am The Fourth for L'amour Supreme x MISHKA x adfunture Kaiju Bootleg figure. I really like the Kirby-esque retro comic book vibe.

for more on this from IATF:

I loved Kirby's art and the original Thanos inking, but also wanted to "deface" it, or distort it with a bootleg mentally in mind. I referred to old comic book art, covers and mexican bootleg toy headers for Batman and Superman. Something you look at first glance and get it, but also looks a bit off the more you stare at it, like "wait a minute, this is a Bootleg! What is this?!". Believe me, you should have seen the first round I sent over. They were horrendous, and actually kept me up half of the night last night till I got to work this morning and re-drew the faces, and also touched up the whole thing. I could have redrawn the whole character like I did with the Beetlejuice header, and thought about it, but like I said, I wanted to keep some of the original, and just trash and junk it up a bit. Almost as if I was drawing a mustache on Mona Lisa.

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