Tuesday, October 04, 2011

TOSHIKAZU NOZAKA: Profile by Louis Mitchell

TOSHIIKAZU NOZAKA from Louis Mitchell on Vimeo.

As pro-skateboarder in early 90s and started down the masters path of traditional Japanese tattooing from a very unique perspective, since then collecting almost 20 years of experience.

During this time period Toshikazu also realised the importance of conveying his perspective of Japanese spiritualism to as wide an audience as possible and thus begun working as an artists, exhibiting in several international galleries and amassing a respectable community of high profile collectors.

Toshikazu combines the time honored tradition of Japanese tattoo art with skateboarding, punk and contemporary iconography placing him as amongst Japans most unique contemporary artists.

Toshikazu also heads a Japanese skateboard brand named AsianWave.

Toshikazu exhibited along side fellow Shinganist artist Usugrow at Backwoods Gallery in July 2011 and performed a residency at Fox Body Arts Studio in Collingwood during his 2 week stay.

backwoodsgallery.com for more information

Tattoo look familiar? It should.
SHINGANIST curated by Usugrow

Jun, Bene and Toshi back in 2009 at the SHINGANIST Show in SF at Upper Playground
SHINGANIST curated by Usugrow

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