Monday, October 04, 2010

Four Horseman Outer Space Men Beta Series 2 NYCC Exclusive and Regular Edition Pre-Order!!

ok, I suck for not posting this earlier. I also suck for not getting in on the Pre-order, but that just means getting them at NYCC old skool way. I like these guys (except for the stupid squid), but they don't have the same feel as the Glyos figures for some reason. Not as solid. I'm hoping that changes with this next release.

Two of the figures, “ASTRO-NAUTILUS: the Man from Neptune” & “INFERNO: the Flame Man from Mercury” will be available at the Action Figure Xpress booth (#1977) for $24.00 per pair.

The other two figures, “XODIAC: the Man from Saturn ” & “METAMORPHO: the Man from Alpha Centauri” will be available at the Toy Tokyo booth (#2871) for $24.00 per pair.

via: Toy News Intl.

Also Pre-Order is up for the Regular Edition fully painted OSM Set. You can order all four in their retro cards at Store Horsemen now..!!!




Hit the jump to see the retro blister cards and oh... the Squid guy.






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