Friday, February 10, 2012

Max Toy Co. for Wonder Festival 2012 Winter

Wonderfest Japan 2012 winter

Max Toy booth number: 7-16-03
February 12th, 2012 at Makuhari Messe

Max Toy sells:

1. Kaiju DUALOS
2. CHIYO-CHICHI (one-day-licence item Japan sales Only ) New figure
3. CHIYO-CHAN (one-day-licence item Japan sales Only ) New colorway
4. YAMAMAYA (one-day-licence item Japan sales Only ) New figure
5. KAMINEKO (one-day-licence item Japan sales Only ) Selling again
6. Kaiju NEGORA
7. LADY MAXX (DVD costume version)
9. MICRO EYEZON (unpainted various colors )

Plus a Lady Maxx CosPlayer will be at the booth to pose with fans ;-)

Here's the info on Max Toys upcoming Wonderfest offerings ! Note the Azumanga Daioh figures are only for sale at WF and one day only. We will not, and can not sell any outside this event ( for real ! ) So if you really want one you better ask a friend in Japan to go to this event and buy one for you ;-P I will have a few pieces of the offer items and will offer them to Max Toy Club members after WF, any left overs will post to the Max Toy web store. Say "hello" to Yo Miyamoto and also pick up your Monster Kolor paints at our table too ;-)

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