Monday, February 13, 2012

I Name Thee: ARACHNOID..!!

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Incase you don't know... thats me... Jaimie. I invented these things. I'm pretty psyched because this is something I've wanted to do since I was a wee little lad, and perused the toy store to find loads of poop. Its been literally an epic journey, and I'm exhausted, but almost to the finish line. :-) Well.... one particular finish line, anyway. :-)

Something I should mention... No one at the stores, or in marketing care whether or not a toy is awesome. They don't care if its cheap junk with wheels on it that shouldn't be there. Thats not their job. Their job is to sell what YOU buy. It took an incredible amount of effort to get something this cool through all the processes.

Now its up to you. What you spend your money on is what you'll get more of. Yes, I'll make money from these, but the reason I put rediculous effort and love into this is because I think this is the kind of thing that SHOULD be for sale. Don't be disappointing! Demand amazing stuff, and the people making the stuff will make it. There's no reason anyone should ever have to take something home, and be disappointed! Don't buy junk. awesome stuff, or nothing at all! That will make the world a more super place!

So... there. Now you have a choice. :-) (or.... in a few months when they're in stores)

Jaimie Mantzel

thanks for the heads up Stu..!

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