Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Grody Shogun Anti-Valentines Day Releases..!!

Grody Shogun Anti Valentines Releases
Grody Shogun Anti Valentines Releases

Grody Shogun will release anti-Valentine's day goodies on February 15th, 2012 throughout the day. Releases will include this new "Spilled Paint" version of Ensorcelled Man. Cast in clear vinyl, Luke created a custom Zombie green paint color, and utilized a new paint technique! The spilled paint EM will be the first up in a days full of releases, and is the only sneak peek which will be available before releases go live. $50

Also in the line-up tomorrow will be Wonderfest Monsters & Dinks, a new Monster, and "Good Head" a blind bag of 3 Monster heads to use on your existing figures, or to display alone. Good Head bags will consist of one head run (on various vinyl base colors), one one-off head & a blank head for $13!

Get yours at Lulubell Toys

Grody Shogun Anti Valentines Releases

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