Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NUKED! Resin Minifigures from PapaGrim Toys

Nuked! mini figures
Nuked! mini figures
Nuked! mini figures
Nuked! mini figures

These mini-figures are inscale with classic Monster in my pocket toys and the like, they clock in at just over 2inches.

Release info:

There will be 30 sets total available on my website just hit the store tab, Jan 13th, 4pm pacific time.

They will be $20.00+sh per set buy 3 sets or more and get free shipping on entire order in the usa.

There will be 10 sets violet glow, 10 sets black, 10 sets green glow.

Each set will be signed and numbered by me the desinger/sculptor/caster.

Packaged bag and header card style.

I will be casting a total of 100 sets before I move on to the next three sculpts in the line so expect a few more waves of figures.

Nuked! mini figures

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